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Browse our website to find out more about becoming a professional dog groomer. One on one tuition OR courses created to suit your needs, based in Camden NSW.

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As many of you will have read, we at the Sydney Dog Grooming School were forced to temporarily close our doors and all applications for courses due to a fire. A suspicious fire broke out at the Whiteman's Arcade in Camden mid September 2020. After many months waiting for answers, we are pleased to announce we are now back taking applications and will commence the lengthy process of responding to the monumental number of inquiries. Please bare with us during this time. For information on our upcoming courses please see below. For further information on what these courses include, please visit the 'Courses' tab. 



Upcoming Events
Next Course Dates:

(See "Courses" for more detailed information)

April 19th 2021 - April 23rd 2021 

Beginners Level - Bather Course 

April 26th 2021 - April 30th 2021

Intermediate Level - Groomers Assistant & Introduction to Pet Grooming Course

May 3rd 2021 - May 14th 2021

Advanced Level - Pet Groomer Course &

Work Experience (Levels Beginner - Advanced)

Become a reflection of your education

Becoming a dog groomer within Australia is not a regulated field. Therefore anyone can pick up a pair of clippers and groom a dog. Here at Sydney Dog Grooming School we provide our students with a professional education from the ground up. We provide top quality, professional education from the foundations of bathing through to the masters of pure breed show trims. Our goal is to provide our students with private tuition or group courses to suit our students needs and lifestyle in order for them to join the workforce as a reflection of the high quality, professional education they've received. 

Our Courses

Each of our courses are run over a 5, 10 or 20 day period. Courses vary in design from a basic level through to a more advanced level. Visit Our Courses page for more information.

Private Tuition

Private tuition is designed for those aspiring students who cannot commit to the full 5, 10 or 20 day course or simply want to space their learning out over a greater time span. 

Visit our Private Tuition page for more information.


Our seminars are topic specific and are hosted by groomers who are professionals in the art that they teach. Visit our Seminars page for more information and topic examples.



"Fantastic Training, an intense course with very experienced and educated trainers. Practical hands-on and theory to test your knowledge. I highly recommend Sydney Dog Grooming School five stars'
- Ms Wilson

"Highly recommend Sydney Dog Grooming school. Hannah is very talented at what she does and is a patient teacher. The school is perfect for those who are looking at entering the industry or furthering their grooming knowledge. If you want to provide a high quality service and be taught in the correct methods of grooming and handling you can’t go past this school."
- Ms Shanks

"The school’s ability to teach its students a hands on approach to grooming with a touch of theory to help you along is one of their best attributes and why I chose to learn there. 
Their master groomer is very knowledgeable, friendly, considerate and is able to listen to her students questions and answer them in a positive and friendly manner. 
I have enjoyed my time there learning the basics of dog grooming as well as the moderate class and I highly recommend them to other prospective students."
- Sandee