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Here at Sydney Dog Grooming School we offer a wide range of education and training. Below you will find some more information in regards to our courses. Courses are run over 5, 10 or 20 days and are all 90% hands on with the addition of theory and written assessment components. Courses are set in a group environment and are quite intense in their content. 

Courses are designed for those aspiring students who are not quite sure if grooming is the career path for them and they don't wish to commit to a lengthy course. Our courses are suited to those aspiring students with little to no background knowledge in dog grooming or for those who feel they lacked a foundation in training and wish to know more. 

Our courses can be used as a building block in a pathway towards your Certificate III or IV in Dog Grooming. Students can also be trained up to complete their international certification exams through to Masters level. Contact us to find out more. 

Bather Course - Beginner Level

  • 5 days in duration
  • Can be completed on it's own or as part of a set of courses
  • Pre Requisite to the Intermediate Level
  • The Bather Course: Teaches the basic skills of bathing, drying, prepping coats, nail trimming, basic pet tidy, handling and safety. This course will prepare students as a bather for an introduction into the industry
  • All students are required to complete theory component assessment tasks
  • All students are provided with a certificate upon successful completion
  • Upon completion students are welcome to complete work experience with us

Groomer's Assistant - Intermediate Level

  • 5 days in duration on it's own or 10 days in duration if completed combined with Beginner Level
  • The Intermediate Course: Moves on from the basics of the beginner course and adds face procedures, foot trimming, full body clips and styling. This course also guides students to learn how to teach themselves so that once they leave us they’re able to know how to continue to develop their skills and identify breeds and what trims they may require as well as how to process check in and check outs for customers.
  • Introduction to Pure Breed Trims
  • Introduction to behavioural issues in grooming
  • Students cover additional topics such as safety, handling and parasites
  • All students are required to complete theory component assessment tasks
  • All students are provided with certificates upon successful completion
  • Upon successful completion this course sets students up to begin work within the grooming industry as an entry level pet groomer.
  • Upon completion students are welcome to complete work experience with us

Pet Groomer - Advance Course

  • 10 days in duration on it's own or 20 days when combined with the Beginner & Intermediate Courses
  • The Advance Course introduces students to the daily routine of working within a salon
  • All students work on their own to complete multiple dogs per day
  • All students are introduced to working as part of a team
  • Students cover skills such as advanced handling techniques and behavioural problem solving
  • Upon successful completion of this course all students will be able to competently check in and check out dogs, choose a correct length to clip the coat to, choose the correct technique and equipment to complete the groom and safely complete the groom from start to finish on any pet trim without supervision
  • Introduction to matted dogs
  • Introduction to anatomy and adding style through scissoring
  • All students upon successful completion will be job ready to enter the workforce as a pet groomer
  • This is a pre requisite to our Master Level training

General Information

  • All courses are 5, 10 or 20 days in length and all students receive a certificate upon satisfactory completion
  • Attendance is necessary due to the hands on nature of the courses
  • All courses are 5 days $2000AUD, 10 days $3500AUD or 20 days $6000AUD with a $500-$1500 non refundable deposit to secure your spot
  • All courses have installment payment options
  • All course numbers are kept small in order to receive adequate one on one mentorship
  • Deposits are required 2 months minimum prior to course commencement date
  • Full payment is due 1 month minimum prior to course commencement date
  • Fees can be transferred to future courses if change of circumstances arise within a reasonable time frame
Contact enquiries.sdgs@gmail.com for specific details